Teaira Frazier Munoz - Children's Book Author
Book Titles:

This book gives children an inside look on all of the exciting things a sibling can do, while in a waiting area. 
It's brightly colored illustrations and lighthearted 
rhymes are very entertaining.

A bubbly young boy has to write a poem about a person, place or thing to recite in school. He decides to write a poem about his big brother. However, the child develops writers block. After drifting off into a catnap, he dreams about all the wonderful times he and his brother shared. When the young child awakens, his mind is very clear as to what he wants to write about. This children’s story is a realistic depiction of how awesome it is to have a sibling as a best friend. This book contains vibrant illustrations 
to aid the melodic storyline.

An adorable little boy named Messiah has a fun filled day planned when he realizes that his lizard is missing. So he goes on an adventure around his house, to find his Lizard Luna. However, Luna is a tricky little lizard. Luna blends into her surroundings very easily, due to her camouflage ability. This children’s story is a humorous representation of how amazing it is to have an awesome pet as an addition to the family. This book has energetic illustrations
 to accompany the comical storyline.

Petie Bird is a rambunctious bird 
that always seems to cause commotion. 
This time he accidently sets off 
a chain of events that is extremely noisy. 

   “He just wanted to grab a cracker or two. But what happened next will really shock you.”  

 What will Petie Bird do? 
Will he tell his family the truth? 
How will his problem get solved? 
Find out more about this exciting tongue twister.

Come along on an adventure. The magic awaits! 
The children will become superheroes
 right in front of your face!

   When a mystical woman gives two adorable little boys a book on Halloween, they go on a surprising  journey to 
The Land of the Lost Candy.  

 “Beside the chocolaty waterfall stood a huge tree. But this was no ordinary tree. Each branch on this tree was filled with marshmallows. The children noticed chocolaty cherries sprinkled throughout the land. The grass was made of green-colored taffy, with vibrant lollipop flowers scattered everywhere. Some of the lollipop flowers stuck out their long, fruity, wiggly tongues to wave hello to the children. Even the clouds above were shaped 
like yummy cinnamon buns.” 

  Trick or Treat: The Land of the Lost Candy
tells the charming story of two little boys who 
overcome their fears of the unknown and achieve 
their dreams of becoming strong and fearless.

Trick or Treat Baby is a children's pop 
song created in honor of TFM's children's book titled  
Trick or Treat: The Land of the Lost Candy   

This song gives children a melodic account 
of monumental moments that occur throughout the book.   

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CDBaby.com and other retailers.

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